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All Genie Suite systems have been, and will continue to be, developed alongside key professionals within the State, Academy and Independent education sectors. We are very proud of our collaboration with our subscribers, as we believe their input leads to products which genuinely reflect your needs and which work in the way you need them to work. We also enjoy the close working-relationships this brings about and the exciting ideas which can spring from these.

As former teachers, we like to think that we are in a sympathetic position to understand your requirements and are always on the look-out for new development partners and always happy to receive ideas, comments and suggestions from our subscribers, so please donít hesitate to get in-touch if you feel you can help us help you.

"I firmly believe itís encouraged staff to take more ownership of their CPD and appraisal"

"We have been using Genie for years; our staff respond really positively to it and find it extremely easy to use. I firmly believe itís encouraged staff to take more ownership of their CPD and appraisal. As Assistant Head in charge of Staff Development, I love working with Genie; itís been an amazing vehicle for our CPD, appraisal and lesson observation data and enables me to easily link all these together.I regularly use the analysis from Genie to inform governorsí reports and various team meetings.
I have nothing but praise for the support weíve received from the Genie team, and I love the fact that theyíre so up-to-date with all the many changes in education Ė weíre currently working on our Pay policy and Career Stage Expectations and I already know that the systems on Genie are there to support us implement this. Our recent OfSTED inspection (graded outstanding in all categories) praised our personalised CPD and appraisal systems and staff spoke highly to inspectors of how Genie supports these processes."

Assistant Headteacher, Worcestershire

"the complete package"

"A really simple but effective piece of software which enables appraisal meetings to focus on the key issues, as well as fantastic customer service, it really is the complete package!"

Deputy Headteacher, Oxfordshire

"the reports that it will run off save so much time and effort"

"I have found CPD Genie to be a fantastic management tool for providing an overview of where the training budget is being spent, how training links to the school development plan and how staff appraisal is linked to the standards to inform pay progression. It also allows you to monitor the appraisal targets that are being set for your teachers at different stages of their careers. It has been written to cover the new Ofsted criteria and the reports that it will run off save so much time and effort. It is also updated when new guidance or new criteria is released so I donít need to worry about changing anything. I have found it to be well worth the money!"

Assistant Headteacher, Derbyshire

"the most effective appraisal system Iíve ever worked with"

"CPD Genie is the most effective appraisal system Iíve ever worked with. I have found it to be a simple, clear, effective and efficient system which staff find easy to use. I would recommend it without hesitation."

Headteacher, North Yorkshire

"We are so pleased with our decision"

"When we were looking for a way to bring together our CPD, we looked at a range of online systems. CPD Genie was by far the best fit for our school because the platform is simple and effective, the cost is very reasonable and from the outset, the service was excellent.

We are so pleased with our decision. We have now rolled out the system to both teaching and support staff, and without fail, staff have found it a very straightforward system to work with. One of the strengths of the system is the clear links between using the Teacher Standards and setting objectives for teachers. This has been really helpful for both individuals and for us as a school to plan our training sessions.

By far the best thing about using CPD Genie has been the kindness and flexibility Iíve experienced. By working with CPD Genie, you arenít working with a faceless, online platform. Thereís always someone on the end of the phone or email and they are very quick to respond to questions. They go above and beyond to help make sure the platform works in the precise way that our school wanted. I am continually impressed by their commitment to us and look forward to using CPD Genie as the year progresses."

Assistant Headteacher, Somerset

"A great company to work with!"

"Everyone at Genie Suite is very helpful and they have always supported me in setting up and running the system in a large secondary school. From the initial introduction process to reviewing the updates, they have always been available to help with queries. It has always been nice to speak to someone directly and to get that personal touch. A great company to work with!"

Assistant Headteacher, Lincolnshire

"one of the most accessible and useful systems I have introduced into a school"

"Genie Suite is one of the most accessible and useful systems I have introduced into a school. The clarity of the system allows users at all levels to track and evaluate CPD and the school diary with confidence and ease. The personalised support is the real highlight of Genie Suite with any queries dealt with in a supportive and collaborative way - they give generously of their time and expertise to make this work for the school community. I recommend this system to any school leader without hesitation and I feel very fortunate to have been able to implement it for my colleagues."

Deputy Headteacher, Sheffield

"Resubscription absolutely!"

"Resubscription absolutely! We are delighted with the results of undertaking this contract with you. Fabulous support too. "

Deputy Headteacher, Warwickshire

"staff have taken to the system brilliantly"

"CPD Genie has been amazing and staff have taken to the system brilliantly. Thank you again for all the support you have given me."

Assistant Headteacher, Nottinghamshire

"the response has been personalised and immediate"

"We have found CPD Genie to be an incredibly useful and cost effective tool. If any training or support has been needed the response has been personalised and immediate. The team behind it are very responsive to the changing needs of schools and genuinely committed to developing their product to be user friendly."

Deputy Headteacher, Buckinghamshire

"friendly, efficient people"

"Iím wondering how we managed before CPD Genie!! It is a pleasure to deal with such friendly, efficient people."

Assistant Headteacher, Lancashire

"It's really user friendly"

"It's really user friendly, clearly designed by teachers and I am just beginning to realise all that it can do."

Assistant Headteacher, Gloucestershire

"very effective for conversations with middle and senior leaders"

"I have been using Genie Suite on my iPad and the interface renders exceptionally well which means I am able to filter and analyse all our data 'on the move' not just at a laptop or PC. This is very effective for conversations with middle and senior leaders."

Assistant Headteacher, Birmingham

"it has saved hours of time"

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with using CPD Genie for our PM and CPD administration. All the staff buy into the system and it has saved hours of time in terms of collating and chasing missing documentation."

Associate Headteacher, Sheffield

"We wouldn't be without it!"

"We wouldn't be without it! No chance of cancelling.
Thanks for a great product and patient support."

Assistant Headteacher, Oxfordshire

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